I rarely associate France with anything hardcore. Except baking. I bet there are some serious pastry chefs over there. Just think about all the things we associate with other countries: Italians make fast cars and elect whore-loving national leaders; Brits are snobby, but they gave us Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, so we let it slide; Canadians are just really, really nice, and some probably ride moose to work; while we in the US are keepers of everything oversized and bombastic (literally - we did nuke a country twice)...the Brits may have invented heavy metal but we arguably perfected it.

But France? What's France got to offer?

Turns out, a lot.

The world's fastest car (production car...don't go all NASCAR's faster! on me) comes from France. Founded by an Italian, yes, but built in the land of whine and cheese. France is also home to Gojira, a band that's been around for a while but is just now starting to make some serious waves. They're up for Metal Band of the Year in this year's Loudwire Music Awards. Not familiar yet? Feast yer eyes on this...perhaps while enjoying another fine bit of French culture: a $650 bottle of 60 year old, 86-proof cognac. (!DAMN!). Or maybe stick with Bush Light.