Have you ever tried reflecting on an entire year and thought to yourself "Eh, it wasn't THAT special"? Sometimes you just don't see what history was made because it all seems to come and go so fast. Lots of things happened this year that have shaped the world. Deaths, births, marriages and disasters. 2011 may not seem like it was a big deal. But a few years from now you will catch yourself saying stuff like "remember when the floods of 2011 destroyed my porn collection?".


This year we witnessed Japan damn near disappear into the Pacific Ocean. We finally caught that sunuva goat, Osama Bin Laden. Charlie Sheen fell off the deep end and the next King of England finally locked down a fine piece of ass.

Reuters.com hooked up a "Year in Review" in 60 seconds:

Too depressing for you? How about a light hearted "Year in Review" from Jib Jab: