The 2013 Blaze Easter Keg has been found. After almost a week of searching, Jessica stumbled upon the keg while scouring the south side of town. She is now going to be enjoying authentic German beer, for the remainder of 2013.

Lots of people set out in search of this year's keg - some even called in sick to work, it is that kind of dedication that keeps us bringing it back year after year. I would like to thank all of you loyal Blazers that set out in search of the keg, and if I could buy you all a beer, I would.

Jessica showed up to the Blaze studio this afternoon, lugging the 16 gallon keg up two flights of stairs. She was so excited to have found the keg. She was even more excited to have tomorrow off and a giant thirst.

Jessica "Found it right at the top of my thumb :) boob pocket!"

She has won a prize package that includes 52 FREE growler fill ups at Bayern Brewing. That is one fill up a week, or she can cash in as many as she wants in one trip. That means, that if you ever hear of a barbecue at Jessica's this summer, you better make sure you are invited.

Jessica says she has never tried Bayern beer, and I am thinking we may have just introduced a match made in heaven.

Jessica R.

The Clues


On Air – “South of Snowbowl and East of Fred’s”

Online – “46°51′45″N 114°0′42″W” (note that this is the center of a general geographic location and not coordinates to a specific location i.e. some dudes back yard)

Bayern - "The keg is planted somewhere in the garden"


On Air – “Walk this direction and it will get warmer before it gets colder”

Online – “4 out of 5 bank robbers head this way when running from cops”

Bayern - "Don't turn in the direction you would expect to see Grizzlies, but turn in the direction you would expect to see penguins"


On Air – “Hugh Hefner hasn’t seen the keg anywhere around his huge house”

Online – “Clark Griswold made a 2,000 mile trip to this magical place, but couldn’t see sign of the keg or a cartoon moose.”

Bayern - "Don't journey up the path named after the "Last King of Scotland."


On Air – “Some call him the Space Cowboy, but no need to look for the keg around the creek that shares his name.”

Online – “You must be High if you are looking around High Park”

Bayern - You can get a good view from the top of the hill, but not good enough to see the keg"


On- air "The keg is located near "Sparta."

Online - “If Jennifer Lopez was an elderly woman with a sexual preference for men and women, her nickname would be _ _ _. Look behind her big behind for the keg.”

Bayern - "The keg is a short distance from the road named after Magnum PI's short sidekick"

Jessica R.

Hear my interview with Jessica as she explains her discovery of the keg, as well a part of the clue explanations.

Hear the remainder of the clue explanations and Jessica's open invitation to share some of her beer with Vinnie Paul of Hellyeah.

Thanks again to Bayern Brewing for teaming up with us for this year's hunt, and a BIG thanks to all you Blazers! Until next year........