Whether you're all fired up about the O'Day/Pflugrad firings, the economy, traffic or the fact that your mother just won't bring you one Pepsi, the perfect kick ass music is a must for your mood. Here are 5 albums that we crank to 11 when we're pissed.

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    Slipknot "Slipknot" (1999)

    This album was released back when Corey Taylor was still broke & pissed at the world. If you can't be angry to an album with "Wait & Bleed" on it, then maybe you're not mad enough.

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    System Of A Down "Mezmerize" (2005)

    Featuring "B.Y.O.B", "Cigaro" & "Question!" this album one fist pumping, dash board punching track right after another.

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    Transplants "Transplants" (2002)

    Transplants lead singer Tim Armstrong (also of Rancid) has been pissed off since the minute he was born. Any Armstrong track is a killer soundtrack to a day of anger.

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    Static-X "Wisconsin Death Trip" (1999)

    A dozen tracks very fitting to kick the s**t out of your bedroom to.

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    Volbeat "Beyond Heaven, Above Hell" (2010)

    Michael, Anders & Jon are not angry dudes, they are actually very kind, fairly soft spoken dudes. But get 'em on stage or cranked up in your ride and even if you weren't angry before, you'll suddenly feel the urge to put your foot through something.