Ever notice there are just some places where you can't find a clock? And not because people assume you can just check your cell phone for the time, it's on purpose so you don't realize how much time you're wasting at their business/office/club.

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    Not to be mistaken with a bar, because bars always have a clock. If you have a curfew you'll commonly find yourself squinting at the bar clock asking "is that BAR time or REAL time?". And by 'asking' I mean 'slurring/shouting while smacking a random stranger in the arm'. Well gee, you're in a bar staring at a clock, do you THINK it's bar time? I love bar time btw, because when you realize it's bar time, you get the pleasant surprise that there's still 15 minutes left to get to the closest convenience store for a 12-pack. However, casinos do NOT have a clock, because they don't want you to realize that you've just spent a 4 hour lunch break losing your rent money.

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    Doctor's Office

    Your appointment is at 9:30, it's now 10:15 and you're still in the waiting room reading a Time magazine from 2008. Do you think your doctor wants you to know you just blew 45 minutes of your work day reading an article about how Britney Spears was able to win "Video Of The Year" AND be admitted to Cedars Sinai not once, but twice in the same year!? Hell no. Or is that 'hellnaw!"?

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    Granted, the DMV is no where near as much of a time waster as it was back in the day before you could make appointments or visit not just one, but a dozen different open windows to renew your plates. However, the entire process is a big fat waste of time that you could be spending at the casino not knowing what time it is, so for that, the Department Of Motor Vehicles takes #3 on this list.

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    Flava Flav's Crib

    One word--redundant.

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    Strip Club

    Yes, although officially a 'bar', you'll never see 'bar time' in a strip club. Do you really think the club owner wants you to suddenly realize you've just made it rain 500 singles in less than 2 hours? Heck no, and your dancer sure as Hell doesn't want to be called out on the fact that you just paid $20 for only half a lap dance because she paid the DJ 5 bucks to fade out "Master Of Puppets" midway through the song.

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