Here are 5 random facts about Moms this Mother's Day. Being a Mom is a tough job. As a new Dad, my only concern is that my little guy doesn't get smashed by his Winnie the Pooh toy, while attempting to traverse the coffee table. Moms have so much more invested in the child's safety and well being, from birth to adulthood.

Mother's Day is on Sunday, which means today's probably the deadline to get something shipped to your mom.  While you panic about that, here are five findings from some new Mother's Day surveys and studies . . .



  • 1.  Only 6% of parents say they'd have a problem with their adult children moving back in with them.  61% feel positive about their 18-to-29-year-old kid coming back home.





  • 2.  69% of moms say they'd be stay-at-home moms if they could afford it.






  • 3.  Four out of five Americans say Mother's Day gets more attention than Father's Day.






  • 4.  Mother's Day has the highest volume of phone calls of any day of the year.






  • 5.  Since 1989, people are 14% more likely to stay in DAILY contact with their parents.  The credit goes to the price of long distance disappearing and the jump in email and texting.