It's easy to blow a thousand bucks in one day, especially when you're using it for boring stuff like paying bills. But you're not allowed to spend free money on boring stuff, when cash randomly falls into your lap it must be spent on FUN! It's a rule. We've got your chance to win $1,000 twice a day every weekday in May (except Memorial Day, we'd have to stop drinking and come in to work for that). Here are just 5 ways you could blow a grand right here in Missoula.

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    50 Lap Dances at The Fox Club

    40 if you give each girl a $5 tip. Personally, I think the grand is better spent in the champagne room, but you just might get in to the Guinness Book of World Records with the 50 lap dances thing.

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    High School students, college students, bands with vans, the UCALLUS driver, grandma...everybody could use free gas. If you win $1,000 on The Blaze in May, you could buy yourself and 19 friends one $50 tank of gas. That would likely get you on CNN Headline News.

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    A thousand bucks will buy you 166 sixers of Bud Light tall boys (at the standard $5.99 price). Why not just buy a few kegs? Because then you're just begging for people to bother you. I say why not plow through 996 cans of beer on your own. Plus it just feels GOOD to have a can in your hand.

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    4,250 Orders of World Famous Hoagie Cheese Fries

    You can get cheese fries anywhere, but none compare to locally owned Hoagieville's World Famous Hoagie Cheese Fries. They are, what the kids and your mother call "the bomb". With 1000 free dollars, you could buy 4,250 regular orders of cheese fries or 4,250 Original Hoagieville Hoagies and cure thousands of cases of the munchies all at once. I'd call ahead for that order.

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    Korn Tickets

    Don't know if you noticed but Korn are coming back to Missoula for an outdoor show June 27 at Big Sky Brewing. Imagine what a high roller you'd appear to be if you used your $1,000 winnings to take 27 friends to the Korn concert. And by 'friends' I mean 'strippers'.