As an impatient person, I'm not a fan of commuting or dumb asses. So commuting with dumb asses is the worst, I'm sure you'd agree, I know Dexter Holland would. The #1 Missoula driver that you hate? The drunk driver. Montana has terrible statistics when it comes to driving under the influence, especially repeat offenders. Let's take a look at 6 other Missoula drivers that you and I hate.

  • The Slow Driver

    Whether it's due to distracted driving or simply being 85-years-old, slow drivers exist to make those already running late... absolutely insane.

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  • The Driver With S--tty Music

    You know the one, he's convinced it's still 1993 as he blasts his s--tty hip hop at full volume with his windows down. He's slumped down in the seat of a Lincoln Town Car with one arm on the steering wheel and 100% treble.

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  • The Driver That Doesn't Use Blinkers

    This is strictly a Missoula thing, I've lived in a few different cities and nobody neglects the usage of blinkers like we do. Being from Missoula, I've noticed myself not using my blinker on multiple occasions, terrible habit.

  • The Driver With A Hyper Lap Dog

    It's one thing to have a hound in the back of a truck or tucked safely inside a Subaru cage, but it's quite another to have 4 yappy little doggies jumping all over the front seat. Especially when this dumb ass is at a four way stop or stop light and doesn't know it's their turn to go because they can't see through the cloud of dogs.

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  • The Wanna Be 'Green' Driver

    The driver with all of the 'save the earth' and 'Phish' stickers slapped all over their gas guzzling, pollution emitting crunchy bus.

  • The Competely Distracted Driver

    The driver who thinks they've mastered multitasking behind the wheel. Smoking a cigarette while texting doesn't leave many hands free for the steering wheel. Other annoying distractions include dudes shaving, chicks applying make-up and couples arguing. And the worst...swatting at your kids in the back seat.