Five Finger Death Punch rocked Missoula on Sunday, September 22nd and we gave you the opportunity to interview a member of the band.We asked you to answer just two short questions to enter to win.

First Question: Tell Us Why You Should Be Chosen To Interview FFDP

Winner's Answer:

I think that I could offer a different view to the interview - I am a single mom of three beautiful girls, who is educated and fun. I would love the opportunity to show them that through all my struggles and daily hard work in the professional community, that I am very aware of their music and appreciate them as artists. They are not just a band - they are artistic and real. I am badass and so are they - end of story.

Second Question: Give an Example of a Question You Would Ask FFDP

Winner's Answer:

Who inspired you to be the be bad ass motherf***ers you are.. what keeps you motivated to ROCK it out each time on stage?

Since KC & I know most of you at this point, we got an unbiased vote from a group of our office crew, and they hands down voted for Miss Jennifer Tveraa. And she rocked it!