Sunday night, Denny Calhoun Smith, 28, was pulled over by a Missoula County Sheriff's deputy after driving over 100 miles per hour on Glacier Drive. Smith, arrested for DUI, said a friend was in his truck, bleeding from stab wounds.

Court documents indicate that the victim, identified as Regan Pearce, had allegedly been stabbed by Smith.

Earlier in the evening, Smith had been drinking with his wife of two weeks, when the two returned home and began to argue. Court records relate that Smith allegedly kicked and beat her, and when she locked herself in the bathroom, Smith allegedly kicked in the door and threatened her with a Glock pistol.

Court records continue that Smith's wife called Pearce's girlfriend, saying she feared for her life. Pearce drove to Smith's home where the two fought, and Pearce was stabbed twice. At that point, Smith agreed to drive Pearce to the hospital.

Missoula County detective T.J. McDermott and other deputies responded to Smith's home on Golf Drive where they found the front door open and observed a pool of blood on the floor. After obtaining permission to search the home, they seized a rifle, a handgun, and a bloody knife.

Smith was charged Monday afternoon in Missoula justice court with felony assault with a weapon, partner of family member assault, aggravated DUI, and reckless driving. He is in the Missoula County Jail on $75,000 bail.