As if the movie wasn't hard to bare already, be thankful you don't live in China.  China has put a ban on Kate Winslet's nude sketch scene for the  3D version of the Titanic.  Instead of showing the scene in its entirety, you can only see Kate from the neck up.  So much for playing the "guess how cold it is game."

When I first heard of this I thought it was just because someone got in their head "Naked lady bad, censorship good," but it looks like there is a little more involved.  The main reason China's State Administration of Radio, Film and Television gives is they don't want viewers to reach out and try to grab a grope of Kate's big screen 3D boobies thus distracting other less perverted movie goers.

To this I respond : Well that sucks but touche China... that's exactly what I would have done... thank God I  live in the US where I can try and fail to cop a feel on a visual effect as much as I want.  If you don't want to sit through Titanic and need some 3D boob action... got some for ya right here!