We all know him as Jessie Pinkman from AMC's "Breaking Bad," He is also starring in the new "Need For Speed" movie that opens this Friday. But did you know that Aaron Paul started his career working in radio at 2 different stations in Boise?

According to the New York Times

Back in Boise, where he grew up, Mr. Paul had worked as a “radio mascot,” dressing up as a frog for one station and a “large bird” for another. When he moved out to Los Angeles, at 17, he rented a small studio apartment that he shared with a roommate. “One week, I would have the bed, and one week I would sleep in the walk-in closet,” he recalled.


Need for Speed hits theaters this Friday. The movie is based off of the popular racing video game and is directed by Scott Waugh, the same guy that made "Act of Valor." It looks to be a pretty cool flick. Check out the trailer.