I love that my midday chick shows up and asks in total seriousness if I have any "adult toy" coupons.  Apparently she broke all of hers in some insane post Tap Tour orgy.  The awesome part is I actually DO have coupons!  JC then went on to tell me that she just woke up from a dream where she was interviewing some dude from a band and he turned into a werewolf and ate her.  He must have eaten her extensive toy collection also.

My coupons are for Adult Avenue, now open downtown at 137 East Main. Remember they used to be on South Avenue back in the day?  Good people.  Locally owned, discreet place.  They don't judge when you leave the store with a 3 foot rubber fist.  Um...so I've heard.

Seriously though, they have a massive selection of movies...OH! Did you know there's  a Pirates TWO??  It promises "sexy swashbuckling"...totally adding it to my cart.  They also have all the toys you've been dreaming of and all kinds of fun stuff for birthdays and other occasions when your gf/bf/spouse/dog/neighbor expects you to come home with something extra special.

Check out Adult Avenue and tell 'em I sent ya (nobody loves adult store brownie points like I do).  In fact if you want some of those coupons I mentioned, they're for "1 Free XXX DVD" or "10%  off any purchase of $10 or over" & "20% off any purchase of $20 or over".  You can get those from Front Desk Debbie.