The Aliens sure know what button to push to get me fired up for a fight. If you haven't heard the story, 120 elk were found lying dead within a 1 mile radius of each other, just north of Las Vegas. Similar to the recent deer deaths in Missoula, the elk deaths have no real explanation. Rumor has it, aliens caused the deaths.

You thought wolves were a problem, now we got to deal with aliens killing elk too?

According to

a mysterious circle within a circle in spotted in the TV news video. It looks eerily similar to a crop circle or perhaps the landing area for a UFO. Alien experimentation on the herd may explain a lot since aliens are notorious for their cattle mutilations and experimentation. The Elk were found in close proximity to each other suggesting they were not killed by a virus.


Check out the footage from KRQE and watch closely for the crop circle.