I can't help it, there's just SO much going on with these guys.

I fully understand if you were too hammered to catch FF on SNL this weekend, but you could have at least recorded it.  As I predicted Friday, DG showed up in two skits, both having everything to do with boobies.  In the first, 65 year old Helen Mirren ends up frenching one of the new chicks on the show who is enamored with her rad rack (she truly does have a killer set). When this chick gets to Helen Boob Heaven, guess who's standing there texting, check this out:

Then the boys killed it on "Rope"

Their 2nd song on the show was "Walk" (had a few people ask who the random dude is, he's long time touring member of the Foo, Rami Jaffe, on keyboards for this one).

Directly after that, Dave quickly changed into his pimp wear to give Strip Club KC a run for his money in the "Bongo's Clown Room" skit.

And incase that didn't give you a Foo overdose, they also found time to play a random fan's garage in Yonkers on their "Garage Tour", this is AWESOME:

See the boys perform tonight on the Daily Show, then tomorrow on Letterman followed by a performance of the entire album, live online from Ed Sullivan Theater.

"Wasting Light" is out tomorrow, Fred will have plenty of copies at Budget CD's and the countdown to Foozoola continues!