My friend Scott said it best, the reason we all hate the Grammys is because it's for insiders and we are outsiders. I would much rather be an outsider than a trend-following douche bag like the people who put together this farce of an awards show. I mean, I get it, it's an awards show for popular music. I don't watch expecting to see Black Label Society or Volbeat, I know enough to expect to see a bunch of pop and country phonies. But to cut off a legitimate performance AND snub Jeff Hanneman? That's too much for me.

Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images

There were two reasons to watch the Grammys this year, the Metallica performance and the Dave Grohl/Trent Reznor/Queens of the Stone Age collaboration. Metallica performed midway through, so all went well there. However, the big grand finale with Dave, Trent, Joshua and Lindsey Buckingham was CUT OFF. Cut off!!

The show was already running about 15 minutes late when Nine Inch Nails took the stage with Lindsey Buckingham to perform 'Copy of A'. That was rad to see. Then, THEN here come my boys. Joshua Homme on vocals and guitar and Dave Grohl behind the kit for the Queens of the Stone Age song 'My God Is The Sun', Trent moved over to the keyboard for this part. I was up off my couch, it was so f**king awesome... and then those Grammy sonsabitches ROLL THE CREDITS. They panned out from the performance and announced the sponsors over the song and rolled the goddamn credits. My head and heart exploded. Fricken D-BAGS, man.

Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images (3)

Trent wasn't too stoked about it either.

I sat through country chicks in lighted-up boots, frickin' Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Taylor Swift's terrible dancing and hair whipping, some rap dude ruining the Imagine Dragons performance... all to see three of my top 10 artists of all time playing together. And they cut it off. What a bunch of disrespectful a-holes.

In other disrespectful news, they didn't even include Slayer's Jeff Hanneman in their tribute to musicians who passed away over the past 12 months. Expected, but lame.

The highlight of the entire night wasn't even televised. Shawn 'Clown' Crahan of Slipknot showed up on the red carpet in his regular clown gear and E! news reported that it was... LADY GAGA. Hahaha, that cracked me up. What made it even better is that Slipknot weren't even up for an award, he was just like "I'm Clown goddammit and if I wanna go to the Grammys with my wife and daughter, I will." He didn't actually say that, but you get what I'm saying.

So other than Clown, Metallica and Dave Grohl accepting an award for the Sound City documentary, this s**t was lame as Hell. But what's new?