In this economy I fully expected to see this list littered with Schmidt, PBR, Hamms & Mad Dog, but it turns out that even the poorest Americans are still buying spendy mixed drinks.

Bar managers were interviewed for the Cheers On-Premise BARometer Handbook, published by The Beverage Information Group.  Here are the results for Most Popular Mixed Drink Nationwide.

1.  Margarita

2.  Martini

3.  Rum & Coke

4. Cosmopolitan

In the vodka category, Absolut was #1 with Grey Goose in second place for 2011.  Chardonnay was the best selling wine but Merlot was more popular at hotel bars and clubs.

Wine is such a mystery to me, I wouldn't be able to tell you the difference between those two.  The last time I drank "wine" it was out of a Boone's bottle.

For imported beer Corona is still #1 with Heineken at a close #2.  And Sam Adams is still the most popular "craft" beer.

Dangit, now I'm thirsty.