On Thursday night, we all went to Downtown Tonight at Caras Park for dinner and fun. We go every couple of weeks, but on this night we had a ton of family here from out of town, so we were rolling around 30 deep.  So we're eating dinner, enjoying live music, visiting, the kids are dancing to Cold Hard Cash. Our homegirl Rosie works at the Lil' Orbitz donut truck so we decide to take the kids over for yummies.

KC's son Bradley, who we fondly refer to as 'B-Rad', is riding KC's shoulders as he usually is when they're together. Naturally Rose hooks Brad up with a giant bag of insanely addicting mini donuts. We stop to chat and B-Rad proceeds to barf all of his donuts on KC's head.The best part is Brad's expression, like 'what's everybody lookin' at?'

My mom has an incredible knack for capturing photos at just the right time and caught this hilarious image. I'm telling you, it will be KC's obituary photo some day. And we have a feeling this will not be the last time he gets barfed on by little B-Rad.