Holy Hell, what a weekend! Probably should start by saying if you missed my announcement this morning, I broke the news that this will be my last week at The Blaze. Certainly one of the biggest decisions of my life. Not coming here every morning and being in this studio will be a great loss to me. Total life changer, feels like losing my 12-year-old.

Am I sad? F**k yes, completely distraught to the point of physical illness & chest pain. Am I going to be a good American and bury my feelings? Cover my ears and yell "lalalalalalalala" when people try to talk to me about those feelings? Of course I am.

With that out of the way, let's recap the 2 epic parties that happened over the weekend! Demonlily Entertainment put on 2 huge throw downs to celebrate 12 years of Montana metal, with the bands that made the metal scene here in Missoula. They also paid tribute to me, for my 11 years of service here at The Blaze. We partied our effing asses off. Thank you to every single one of you crazy a**holes who showed up.

And the BANDS, oh my god the bands. An absolutely killer 2 days of kick ass rock. Friday was Paradise In Guyana, Beefcurtain, muther effin Warcry and Universal Choke Sign. Oh do the ladies love Warcry. Saturday was Throne Of Lies (very much enjoyed this, catch these guys if you can), Mahamawaldi (featuring the legendary Marcus on guitar, KC had never seen them before, his mind was blown), one of my time favorites Blessiddoom (thanks for the rad hoodie!) and the leaders of Missoula metal, Universal Choke Sign. An amazing, amazing night. Saw tons of people I know and love this weekend, it was awesome.

Thank you to the staff at Demonlily and The Dark Horse for putting up with us! The drink special both nights was the "Angel Combo", a shot of Jäger & a beer for $5. And there had to be a minimum of 4,000 Jell-o shots consumed.


Thank YOU again for coming out, and for your support, and for listening to my station for the last dozen years, it all means more to me than I can ever express.

I will be doing a series of "Angel's Last Week" blogs so watch out for some goodies.

And even if you were at The Dark Horse this weekend, I'm sure you could use a recap, here's what went down. (Click 'Caption' at the bottom if you want to see captions.)