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Sevendust are taking most of the year off, they certainly have earned the break, I think they've been on tour since KC was still pissing in his footie pajamas.   Of course we know these guys hate to rest, so it's no surprise that  guitarist Clint Lowery and drummer Morgan Rose have started a side project called Call Me No One. They plan to enter the studio at the end of this month to record their debut album and hope to release it in the late spring.

Sevendust plan on regrouping at the end of the year to start what they hope will be a double album.  Double Sevendust, bring it!!

Yeah, but what about Dark New Day?  Dark New Day -- comprising Lowery and his bass playing brother Corey, Evanescence drummer Will Hunt and guitarist Troy McLawhorn, and singer Brett Hestla -- will release New Tradition on February 28th. The group's second album features songs from an abandoned 2007 project as well as new material recorded last year.

'Member that one time when Clint called into the Blaze Morning Show and I asked him about Dark New Day and he kind of blew it off like there was no possibility of anything new from them?  Sure pulled the wool over my eyes!  "Pulled the wool" haha never actually used that expression before!

Jane's Addiction will return to the road next month on their Theatre of the Escapists tour. They'll be playing mostly classic theaters, starting February 22nd.  Hey Jane's!  We've got a classic theater right here in Missoula, Montana...just sayin'.   Tickets for the new dates announced go on sale on Friday.