Ya’ know that secret project Dave Grohl’s been working on?  He has confirmed he's making a movie about the studio where Nirvana recorded Nevermind. REO Speedwagon's Kevin Cronin let the news slip about the project last fall, and in the new issue of Rolling Stone Dave talks about the still-to-be-titled Sound City Studios documentary. He says, "That funky old place had the best drum room in world. The drum sound at the beginning of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' -- that's Sound City. I decided to make a film about that feeling you get when you put five guys in a room, hit 'record' and the hair on the back of your neck stands up."

Besides Kevin Cronin, Ratt's Stephen Pearcy and Warren DeMartini revealed they had been in the studio in recent weeks recording songs with Grohl for a secret project.

Corey Taylor and Shawn Crahan have started their own film production company called Living Breathing Films. The duo will be at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah this week promoting the new venture. Taylor tells Rolling Stone that they already have an idea for their first project. He says, "Right now we've got a story and we're getting together a working script. We're looking to basically break ground on it this year. We're obviously going to make sure that it doesn't conflict with the future Slipknot touring stuff. But it's important for us to learn first before we just kind of jump in."

Chevelle got to spend a lot of time at home while working on Hats Off to the Bull. Drummer Sam Loeffler had a small studio built at his house so the trio could work on songs. He says that being able to be home for such a long time was weird, but that except for a migraine that laid him up for a week, making the album was "very relaxing."

Sam explains why writing Hats Off To The Bull was such a relaxing time:

Zakk Wylde becomes the first rocker to be roasted on Thursday -- and he has no one to blame but himself.  Zakk says the idea came out of a conversation he had with Guitar World magazine editor-in-chief Brad Tolinski about the old Dean Martin roasts on TV. Zakk said he'd love to have a roast for Black Label Society and their friends -- Tolinski took the idea, ran with it and made Zakk the first victim.

The event takes place at the Grove in Anaheim, California on the kickoff day the annual NAMM music merchants convention, so there are plenty of musicians around to give Mr. Wylde his comeuppance. Sharon Osbourne, who Zakk calls "mom," is hosting.

Zakk says he can take whatever gets thrown at him: