Metallica brought out another all-star roster of guests Wednesday night at the second of their 30th anniversary shows at the Fillmore in San Francisco.

  • Kid Rock sang on their cover of Bob Seger's "Turn the Page."
  • Lou Reed joined them for two songs from Lulu as well as The Velvet Underground's "White Light, White Heat"
  • Ex-bassist Jason Newsted played on "Creeping Death" and Battery"
  • Marianne Faithful reprised her part on "The Memory Remains"
  • They opened the show with "To Live Is to Die" from ...And Justice for All. It was first time they've played the song live.
  • The quartet also unveiled another leftover from the Death Magnetic sessions called "Just a Bullet Away" -- and then E-mailed it to fans after the show.
  • Other guests included Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian, ex-Anthrax/Armored Saint vocalist John Bush and members of Mercyful Fate.

The third show is Friday, with the fourth and final show Saturday.

So you remember last week how TOOL posted on their website and newsletter a bunch of their typical insane ramblings and this round pretty much implied that they were working on a new album for 2012.  Apparently it was all horsecrap (big surprise) and now they may or may not be doing some US tour dates. posted 2 TOOL dates yesterday, one show on Jan. 17 at the Tucson Arena and another on Jan. 18 at Tingley Coliseum in Albuquerque, N.M.  Which would actually make sense since Maynard lives in Arizona.  But the dates have since been removed from the Ticketmaster website and there's nothing on the official TOOL site to indicate that those dates are true. This all comes the day after Puscifer announced 14 North American shows that kick off Feb. 23 in Austin, Texas, and run through Mar. 18 in Escondido, Calif.  So who knows.

If nothing else, it's good to know the boys are working on something, even if it's just our last nerve (we can only take the teasing for so long.  OK, we can take it forever...).  Drummer Danny Carey is definitely hard at work with his side group Volto!, looking forward to hearing how that sounds.