Al Jourgensen says the new Ministry Album 'Relapse' is one of the 50 best albums EVER, by any music act.  He says if you like their new song "99%", it's really only the 5th best song on the album because the entire thing is THAT good.  Even if it's not really as epic as Al says, it's gonna be awesome and I can't wait to hear it all.  'Relapse' drops on March 30.  In the meantime, get your Al fix with his side project Buck Satan & The 666 Shooters.  Their new album is 'Bikers Welcome, Ladies Drink Free', little bit country but still fun stuff.  It's streaming free now at

Metal's got a new supergroup called Temple Of The Black Moon featuring members of Cradle Of Filth, Anthrax, King Ov Hell, Enslaved & White Zombie. Check out more details here.

Also at Loudwire, a Dream Theater exclusive.