Red Hot Chili Peppers have posted their new music video for "Monarchy of Roses" on their website. The Mark Klasfeld-directed clip is inspired by and uses the work of punk rock artist Raymond Pettibon. Pettibon is the brother of Black Flag guitarist and SST Records founder Greg Ginn and is best known for his album covers, handbills and poster art for that band and the label.

Staind frontman Aaron Lewis says that one of the reasons the band's recently-released self-titled album was so heavy is that he got some of his quieter songs out on his country-tinged solo disc, Town Line. Lewis says he intends to keep working on his outside projects and insists it's not a problem inside the band. He tells us "I think they can both exist in parallel universes, you know? If anything, one helps the other and vice versa."

Cavo, who had a hit two years ago with "Champagne," are getting back into the game. The St. Louis-based quartet will release their second album, Thick as Thieves, in February. They say they took that long break to "examine their motives for doing the band."

Cavo will precede that release with a digital EP titled Sounds From The Hollow. If you pre-order Thick as Thieves at, you'll receive a free instant download of the EP.

Former Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch is writing for his second solo album. His first one, Save Me From Myself, came out in 2008.