Shinedown are gearing up to release their fourth album this spring. Frontman Brent Smith and producer Rob Cavallo are almost done mixing the project, and the first single, "Bully," will be out on January 3rd.

Shinedown will be heading to Europe in February for their first shows in more than a year. A U.S. jaunt is set for the late spring.

It looks like getting a divorce is the least of Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin's problems. TMZ reports that he owes $60,000 in federal and state taxes for 2009. Scantlin is reportedly taking care of what he owes, but his camp has made no official comment on the tax issue.

Here's a guaranteed ticket into HELL, WTF man, not cool....

A guitar that Pearl Jam once autographed for a Make-a-Wish recipient has been recovered by police -- but all the signatures were stripped from it. Jeffrey Leduc and Timothy Crews allegedly stole the Telecaster from a Burlington, Vermont man last week, but Burlington police caught up to them and have charged them with felony possession of stolen property.

Pearl Jam's members had autographed the guitar and given it nearly 20 years ago to Ben Hardy's brother, Josh Hardy. Josh had a brain tumor and died three months after an October 1992 visit to Seattle to see the band. Ben Hardy had held onto to the guitar ever since.

It seems like Sublime With Rome need to work on their communication skills. On Sunday drummer Bud Gaugh announced he was leaving the band because his wife is pregnant and he wanted to spend time with his family. And the band said that Josh Freese (who plays with Weezer and A Perfect Circle) would be filling in. On Monday night the band issued a statement saying that Gaugh was just taking a break and they "welcome him back out on the road with us as soon as he needs a break from the diapers and baby bottles." They added that they spoke too soon about Freese, saying "unfortunately he's busy with some other commitments and we're not sure if it could work or not," so they're starting to talk to some other "drummer friends."

Gaugh might not be telling the whole truth -- TMZ reports that he had a shouting match with band's manager during a performance in Hawaii last month, and walked off before the show was over.

What is known for certain is that Sublime With Rome's next gig is scheduled for March 3rd at the Cypress Hill Smokeout Festival in San Bernardino, California. Korn and Dirty Heads are also on the bill.

News gathered from Premiere Radio.