There's a new app for Android (yay, I have one of those!) called Drizly that will allow you to order booze delivered to where ever you are.

Look at these corny people, your parties don't look like this, who are we kidding? (Getty Images)

Sadly it's not in Missoula yet, right now the app only works in New York and Boston. But it's a good start and hopefully it sweeps the nation. How many times have you had a house full and needed more beer? Or how about when it's a holiday dinner and all of your relatives are there and you've been slaving over the stove all day and all you want is for somebody to bring Jager to your door?

I always thought there should be a drive through liquor store in town. There used to be one at the Reno in East Missoula, it was awesome. But you know, sometimes you're out running errands with the kids and you don't want to be the a-hole who leaves your little ones in the car while you run into the liquor store.

Anyway, this Drizly thing is a pretty neato deal, hopefully it comes our way sooner than later.