Stoked for the Chamberlin Rail Jam this weekend? I got a chance to see the ramp as they were setting it up. It is RAD! Athletes from all over are in town to compete for cash and prizes as they gracefully attempt to fall down a huge rail. To add to the kick ass-ery, they are also having live music after the event. Snowboarding, Skiing and live music. Sounds like a damn good time to me. And the artist performing isn't one of the Rail Jam contestants on stage spittin rhymes.

Headlining Saturday's performance is rapper Asher Roth. Known for his single "I Love College", he recently signed onto the Def Jam label and is taking his career to a whole new level. To give you just a taste of what you can expect from Asher, I felt I should hook you up for today's Vidiot.

I was going to play "I Love College", but "Lark On My Go Kart" is a way better video. It starts off looking like the begging of "Saved by the Bell." Then goes into a silly ass montage of animation that would make any stoner proud.