In the history of vehicles, there have been some awesome rides with iconic names and some awesome rides with terrible names. And then there are the cars that are not only fugly, but also have a terrible name. Some think Hummer is a terrible brand, not me, it's brilliant, I mean who doesn't want a hummer right? Dodge Dart Swinger, now there's a car that not only looks like fun but SOUNDS like fun!

Photo courtesy of navets/Flickr

The Pontiac Montana, what a waste of a rad name on a crappy mini van. If you're going to put the name Montana on something, it better be able to climb mountains, haul dead animals & be fire proof.

And what's with the Chevy Citation? The last thing I want to think about when getting into my ride is a damn citation.

Ford has named some fun ones. The Probe, The Escort, hellyeah!

Wasn't there an old timey car called The Scat at some point? Gross. I found one this morning, it's the new electric car everyone is talking about. It very well may be the most efficient, amazing smart car ever, but it's doomed with the name Tesla. Nikola Tesla, brilliant inventor, but nobody thinks of him when you say Tesla. We all think of the crappy hair band that did the cover of Signs.

Would you be seen in a Tesla? What's the worst car name of all time?