A beard off has officially been declared among two Blaze listeners! First, you can't just say "beard off," it must be bellowed.

The wrong way:

"Hey Katie, my boyfriend is in a beard off on The Blaze website, you should totally vote for him."

The right way:

"Katie! That guy I've been sleeping with is on The Blaze website! BEARD OFF!!"

Now that we've got that clear, here's the deal:

Simply vote for the most epic beard. The winner will move on to battle another Blaze listener next week. There will be 5 rounds total. Grand prize is a pair of tickets for Korn and a pair for Halestorm.

Ryan "Blackbeard" Schutte won Round Three by ONE vote!

What one Blaze Facebooker had to say about Ryan's Beard:

Hey, I'm not sure what's going on here...But, I speak freely about Ryan Schutte's beard. Since meeting him in Seattle, many strange things have happened that are beard related. I've seen other people's beards cower, and even fall out. I've witnessed metal bands stop playing, put their instruments down, and walk off stage. Ryan can't be in the front row anymore. I've also seen Ryan meet friends of mine, and after looking directly at his beard, become pregnant. Sure, not such a bad things...If it happened to just girls. Guys aren't supposed to get pregnant. Hell, I can't even watch 300 with him. Leonidas loses his focus when He sees Ryan watching Him.

I could go on, but the beard might turn it's baleful gaze upon me for openly speaking of such exploits.

Ryan "Blackbeard" Schutte



Charlie Beer

Coupla' things we like about Charlie. First, he has the word "beer" in his name. Next, the Jäger hat. And, who doesn't like Danzig? This is gonna' be a tough vote.