It has been a long battle, but the Beard Off champ has taken the title of furriest critter in town. Charlie Beer-do was nice enough to stop by the studio today to claim his prize. Not only does he gain bragging rights but also gets to check out the Korn show tomorrow and Halestorm on July 16th. To sweeten the pot a little, I offered up one more challenge to Chuck.

I know that having a beard can make some things hard to do. Like eating soup. Charlie says he has a tough time eating chicken wings without messing his beard. I challenged Charlie to eat an ice cream cone. If he could scarf it down and manage to get less on his beard than me, I was gonna hook him up with "Kick it with Korn" passes. Let's just say he is a Master Beardsman.

Start growing your epic beard NOW and get ready for the Fall "Hunting" Beard Off. Coming soon.