Zimorinos Pizza! The official Pizza of 96.3 The Blaze. Every Thursday, we here at The Blaze, dine on some of the best pie in town. It is a local pizza shop that has been a staple of the Missoula culinary scene for years. But now, ITS AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY!!! Homemade Pizza, Pasta, Sandwiches are just a phone call away (#406-541-PIES). There is more than just your average toppings and cheese on your pizza at Zimorinos. Bob Zimorino has toppings made from family recipes that go back generations. The meatballs are one example of an item from the Zimorino Family cookbook. I recommend trying them either on the meatball sub or on the "Zoo Town" pizza. DELISH!!!!!! But if you really love meatballs, check out this

installment of one of my favorite new youtube series. EPIC MEAL TIME!