One cannot help but think of bells this time of year... jingle bells, sleigh bells, and the like. Back in the day I'd argue with my friend Paul about the best metal bell song. I said "For Whom the Bell Tolls." He said "Hells Bells." He ended up a hip-hop fan, so whether he knows it or not I won that argument. Still, I'm always curious as to what others think: What's the best rock/metal song with a bell in it?

A few years ago, while in one of my on again/off again obsessions with Norwegian black metal I happened upon a band called Emperor, and their song "Warriors of the Modern Death." It has a bell, and it's heavy as hell (good song to have on your workout playlist, too)

And this one from Anthrax has a little bell as well (I just noticed I'm rhyming words with bell . . . not intentional, I swear; I'm also too lazy to go back and find a new word).

I'm sure I missed something, so if you've got a better bell song hit us up over on Facebook. If we get enough comments, maybe you can put a nice "bell-y" playlist together for holiday gatherings. It's better than Bing Crosby, right?