Tiny Addalyn Ployhar was born pre-mature at just 1 pound 2 ounces.


You may know her mom Nikki Gummer from the Lucky Strike. Nikki had a medical condition that could jeopardize her pregnancy, so little Addalyn's arrival was much sooner than her expected January birthday. Instead, Addalyn's birthday was September 23rd, when Nikki had an emergency c-section, at just 25 weeks.

Yet baby Addalyn is still gaining weight, getting stronger and fighting hard. Her mom Nikki, dad Joe Ployhar and family are touched by the outpouring of the Western Montana community.

Please join us for an a benefit this Sunday at the Sunrise Saloon, next to the Dark Horse bar. There will be a pig roast, live music, raffles, a silent auction, and oh yes, mechanical bull riding. Let's get out and support a local family in need. Huge thanks to Rick and Kammy at the Sunrise and to Ashley Calcaterra for organizing this event for Nikki and her family.

If you can't make it to the fundraiser this weekend, please throw a couple of bucks in the change jars you see at Ole's and other businesses around town. Nikki is a genuine soul, and a super cool chick, and just like the rest of us want for our own children, she wants to see her baby daughter grow to be a healthy girl.