Our pals over at Loudwire have released their top metal songs for 2012. There's some familiar names on the  list: Machine Head, Anthrax (Worship Music gets more play in my car than anything else these days), and Lamb of God.

Far be it from ME to dispute the collective brainpower of our pals over at Loudwire, but I think they missed a couple stellar releases from 2012. Thus, I offer "Reverend Brian's Honorable Mention Best Metal Songs of 2012 Which In His Humble Opinion Are Probably Better Than Some Of The Songs On Loudwire's List" for your review. What do YOU think? Comment/add to the list over on Facebook.

Shadows Fall "The Unknown" from the album Fire From the Sky. These guys fell off my radar for a couple years, but this is a solid record.

Prong "Revenge Best Served Cold" from the album Carved Into Stone. Prong channel their inner Ricardo Montalban (Kahn, Star Trek II, you know the line...)

Kreator "Civilization Collapse" from the album Phantom Antichrist. I ordered this CD, and got all excited for its arrival, but some a-hole ripped it off from my mailbox. No kidding. This record is so good someone was willing to commit a felony to possess it.


Overkill "Electric Rattlesnake" from the album Electric Age. Overkill is the cockroach of thrash - they'll out live all of us, and thank God for that.