If you or a friend are taking the "Plunge into Marital Doom" and need to plan that one final day of freedom before your life is officially over? We are here to help. Below are our top 5 picks for places in Western Montana for you to celebrate your Bachelor Party.

1) FoxClub Cabaret- Ofcourse it wouldnt be a Bachelor Party without naked chicks and beer. At the Fox Club you can reserve your own private stage/VIP room for just you and your friends. Also the Fox Club is one of the few places left in the entire country where you can play live poker, drink from a full bar and have full nudity, under one roof.

2)Skydive Montana- If you are gonna take the leap into the abyss some of us know as marriage, why not take a literal leap out of a damn plane at 10,000 feet.

3)Kingfisher FlyFishing- Fishing is probably one of the only things you are gonna be able to do after marriage to escape the nagging, but what are the chance your "future mrs. x" will let you cough up the coin for a professional guided fly fishing trip.

4) Canyon River Golf Course- Golf is another on of those things that you can do even after marriage. But throw in a couple hot chicks as caddies, plenty of beer and a group of your best buddies and you would be surprised the amount of fun you can have on a sunny summer day. Just take my advice and try not to piss off the Range Marshall. They look down on swimming naked in the ponds looking for your lost golf balls

5) Your Mom's Basement- Its dark and smells kinda funny, but coupled with some warm beer, nude mags and some of your Momma's famous Hot Pockets, you and your friends will spend the last day as a single man doing what you have been doin for a majority of your single life up until you signed your ass up for that dating website.