I am not a fan of doing physical activitees like hiking or biking. Unless it has a fishing pole, gun or bow involved. That could explain why I am such a fat ass. But seriously, If you asked me to go run to the "M" right now just for fun. I would tell you "where to go." If you told me their was a 6x7 Bull Elk hanging around the "M" during archery season and the U of M was allowing hunting access, I bet you I could beat you up that mountain. Some people enjoy biking and hiking, if just for the cardio they get. Brett French, Outdoor Editor for the Billings Gazette, is one of those people. Brett recently took a 48 mile bike ride from Mammoth Hot Springs to West Yellowstone on his 10 speed. The only thing that makes that sound appealing to me is the lack of tourists. The park doesn't open to vehicle traffic until the 3 week of April typically. So if it sounds like a good time to you. Make your plans to go next year.

Check out my update with more on Brett's ride and the onset of the Spring Runoff on the rivers.