It is never to early to start thinking about fall. For bowhunters, pre-season prep is a year round deal. Each spring we see multiple 3D shoots pop up all over the state. Giving archers a chance to "take a shot" at real life hunting scenarios, and test their skills against their peers.

The 4th annual Heart Five 3D Shoot is coming up this weekend on Carlton Creek in Florence. All proceeds from this shoot benefit the Bitterroot 4H Archery Club.

Plan on 30 targets as well as raffles and prizes from great sponsors like Bob Wards, RMEF, Cabelas, Napa and more.

Registration begins at 7am, with score card deadline at 3pm.

Price is $15 for adults, $10 for Young Adult (14-17), $5 for kids 9-13 and Cubs are FREE.

Call 370-9427 for details