A few weeks ago, we asked you to submit your scary stories for a chance to join our annual paranormal investigation. In the spirit of Halloween, each year we team up with Tortured Souls Investigations to try and prove ghosts exist. After receiving an amazing amount of stories from you. We could only make room for 5 people to come along.

photo above - left to right

Kris Bratlien - Lead investigator/founder of Tortured Souls Investigations

Brooke Bratlien - TSI team member and Kris' sister.

Kevyn - Blaze ghost hunt entrant - has experienced a haunting in her apartment from the ghost of a former tenant.

Jim T - Blaze ghost hunt entrant - Grew up without knowing his childhood home was haunted. His parents hid the fact that the strange occurrences in his home were paranormal, until he experienced undeniable evidence.

Nikki Kelly - TSI team member and the last one to jump when something creepy happens.

Kevin H - Blaze ghost hunt entrant - Experienced a phantom dog in his home ever since his family pet passed away.

Mark K and his Wife - Blaze Ghost Hunt Entrants - Self proclaimed "want to believe skeptics" they have experienced unexplained things in their lifetime and want evidence that it wasn't just coincidence.

The Blaze crew - KC and JC - Both of us enjoy the idea of the paranormal. Both have experienced strange happenings. Like JC having her cigarettes stolen by "phantom smoker" in Main Hall just last night.

Erik Bratlien - not pictured - TSI Founder/Investigator

Thanks again to everyone who entered to win a chance to join us and keep in mind that next year we will make it bigger and better. Until then, Happy Hunting.

Ghostbuster KC and my ghetto gadgets