With Dimestock coming soon, I felt I needed to introduce my son to Pantera today. I have done a pretty good job in the last few months of not being "that guy." The guy that forces pictures of their kid into your face. But today, I felt I needed to share with you pictures of the newest addition to the Blaze family, and his reaction to Pantera's music.

It all started when I went home for lunch. I walked into the house and there was my son dressed in his Pantera shirt. I immediately thought "this kid needs to truly appreciate Pantera before he can sport the gear." So I decided to throw on a couple tracks to see how he reacted.

Here are the results.

Pantera "Death Rattle"

I figured for the first track I would just throw him right into the "deep end of the pool." The little guy seems to enjoy playing with his baby rattle. How about a little "Death Rattle."

Pantera "Five Minutes Alone"

Got to give the little guy credit. For not being able to use his appendages well, he sure is trying to throw the horns up in this picture, while grooving to "Five Minutes Alone."

Pantera "I'm Broken"

This song seemed to be his favorite. Either that or he just crapped his Huggies.

Pantera "Walk"

After instinctively bobbing his head to this song, he paused to enjoy the head rush. Hair isn't long enough to get the full effect of the proper "head bang," but he seems to have the idea.

Pantera "Cemetery Gates"

During this song, I broke the news to him about Dime Bag and the chances of the band ever getting back together. He grinned a little when I told him that his Uncle Zakk is willing to play if they ever decide. Hopefully before he graduates high school.

So there you have it. If I 'm gonna be the guy who shares pictures of his kid, it might as well be because of a RAD musical experiment. Welcome to the Blaze family Bradley, and start working on that pink beard for Dimestock.