Only a few more days left to submit your spooky stories, for a chance to join us for our annual Blaze Ghost Hunt. We recently received a great story from Nadine, that tells us of a strange story about her and her children.

I have had paranormal incidents happen to me all of my life. Some of them have been very minor, and some of them have been quite heavy duty. One particular incident from my years as a young mother stands out in my mind…
One Saturday afternoon in 1995 I was sitting in my favorite chair watching television. I was feeling a bit tired and sad, yet I had some anxiety going on, too. I knew I had to get to the grocery store before dinner. Where was my daughter, Amy? Only her and Jess were left at home as the others had grown up and moved on to their own homes. I was going to have her go with me and Jesse to the grocery store. I just wasn't feeling good and she could go into the store with a list of the grocery items I needed. As I sat there wondering where she was at, I heard the front door open and then someone was walking up the stairs. The stairs weren't visible from where I was sitting but if they came up on the landing I would see them. I thought it was Amy. As they got to the top of the stairs I could see them quickly take off down the hall in the opposite direction. I saw the back of this person and their shadow on the wall, but they went so fast I couldn't tell who it was. They went into the kitchen and I could hear them getting into drawers, opening the fridge, and the rattle of silverware and dishes clinking. I called out to Amy and there was no response. I yelled a little louder and told her she had to come to the store with me and go in and get a few things because I didn't feel well. I could still hear a commotion but no one would respond. All of a sudden the front door opened and here came Amy and Jesse. Right before she hit the top landing the noise in the kitchen ceased. I looked at her and said, “Were you just in the kitchen?” Of course she said she had not been in the kitchen. She told me she and Jesse had just got home from the neighbors. I went to the kitchen and it was empty of persons. I just stood there asking myself, “What the hell just happened?”
We went to town and I parked outside the local grocery store. Amy and Jesse got out of the van and went into the grocery store. A short while later,they came out and got into the van. She had two grocery sacks.I know we had a conversation about her school. I remember she also said, “Now don’t get mad. I have to stop at Christian’s house to give him something. Is that alright?”
I said it was alright and I took her to Christian’s, who is her brother. We had a conversation about the next weekend and if she could spend the night with her cousin. She got out and I watched her walk up Christians long staircase and out of view. I looked back and Jesse was sitting on the back seat. It seemed like I waited another 5 minutes, after which I could hear Jesse in the back, giggling and laughing and also another sound like the sound of a talking toy. I looked back and there was a green glow coming off of a talking robot toy that lit up the whole back of the van. There were other toys there, also. They were all electronic toys with flashing lights and like the big robot, they were making sounds. I had never seen them before. They seemed like they were futuristic toys, but I figured at another time Jesse had gotten in the van with a friend to play and they were the friend’s toys. Although I could swear there was nothing in the back of the van the day before! I turned back around and continued to wait, watching the stairs. I wondered if I should go up the stairs, go in and see what the holdup was. All of a sudden I was aware that there were no sounds coming from the back of the van. I looked back and no one was in the van. Not a soul in sight. All of the toys were gone. It was just plain empty back there. I looked at the side door of the van and I wondered why I hadn't heard Jesse get out as that door made a loud sound when you opened and closed it. It was closed. I was getting increased anxiety thinking about having to get out of the van and walk up them stairs.
I said to myself, “Two more minutes and I’m going to have to go see what is taking them so long.” A brown van drove up behind me. It was my friend, Lisa. I waved to her and she stopped and then who gets out of the van? Amy and Jesse got out. They came to my van and as they were getting in my daughter asked me why I had drove off leaving them at the grocery store. I was dumbfounded, but told her what had just happened. I know she thought that I was kookoo back then. She doesn't think that today as there have been incidents where tangible evidence was left from the spirits.
However, that will be next year’s story.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Nadine. It sounds like a movie, where there is someone impersonating the other person and you have to guess who the imposter is. That would be a super weird situation to witness. I would have a hard time going anywhere with my kid, if I knew his doppelganger was in my truck and meanwhile he was sitting on the curb wondering where the hell I went. Damn kids and their shenanigans. ha!

If you want to be part of the Blaze Ghost Hunt team, do what Nadine did and submit your story. We only have room for one winner and a guest to join us, so get your submission in now.