Reality TV star and aspiring singer Brooke Hogan is among the latest celebs to get naked for a good cause. The 23-year-old daughter of pro wrestler Hulk Hogan posed for an arty black-and-white photo by Jordan Michael Zuniga. The blond bombshell appears nude and crammed into a small cage, in an apparent comment on animal suffering.

The photo is currently hanging in a Miami gallery next to others in the ‘Women in Cages’ series, while most of the proceeds are going to PETA. Brooke says she is a lifelong animal lover. She also seems like a lot of fun, though we wouldn’t want to make her dad angry. Even though he recently turned 58, we’re sure Hulk Hogan could pound us into the pavement.

In case you’re wondering, Brooke’s birth certificate says Brooke Ellen Bollea, though she appears in public under her dad’s stage name. We would like her more if her real name was actually Hogan, but we still wouldn’t mind taking her on in the ring.