Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between an excited Brit, and a drunk Brit. Check out the video below and decide for yourself.

(some background from the Huffington Post on this story: Paula's done the 1-4 PM Friday show for a while, but was evidently not thrilled at her show's movement to Saturday afternoon.)

Radio is one of those mediums where you can, in fact, usually get away with being slightly hammered on-air. Unless we're at an event, no one can see us. Assuming you're not totally blasted to Mars, who'd know?

(side note: thank God the early 2000s fad of putting webcams in studio went the f**k away)

Not that I'd EVER have an adult beverage at my current posting (I'm coughing because I've got a cold, not because I'm being dishonest. Honest.), I've done so in the past: While in Des Moines I sent an intern out for a six-pack during an especially nasty heatwave (this was before I understood that drinking beer on muggy, hot days actually dehydrates you). Back in Minnesota I may or may not have cut an evening's worth of production blitzed. But that's the beauty of radio! Drunk on TV, though, that's a different story, as David Letterman reminds us (stay proud, Minnesota!!):