This is my "Band Bucket List" a.k.a. shows I wanna go to before I die. Actually, I just flipped through my Zune and wrote down what came up first... My REAL list is in digital format categorized by genre and rated by how bad I want to see that band or artist.  I use this list when I'm broke and have to decide on one concert or festival vs. paying for three different road trips. It all comes down to how many checks can I put on my list compared to my "must see" rating.

There are several bands on my list that I will probably never get the chance to see due to break ups, death, retirements, and so on.  For example, Type O Negative and A Perfect Circle. Two bands with a high score on the "must see" that I will never be able to check off my list. On the flip side of that, I'm stoked to see Soundgarden back together.  The new music is awesome and I can't wait till I can finally put a check next to their name!

Then we get to the "cursed" bands.  I've talked about my cursed bands a few times, mostly the local ones.  These are the bands that no matter what you do, how hard you try, something always prevents you from seeing them perform.  I have since conquered some of those curses by finally seeing Tool back in '06 and Avenged Sevenfold in '10.  Due to a high school issue related grounding (I think back in '03) I missed out on my chance to see Godsmack. I don't even remember exactly what I did, but for missing Godsmack? ...I hope it was something really bad.... Thanks a lot Mom...

Another that is still floating around out there is Bobaflex. They have been through Missoula with Royal Bliss a few times now  and EVERY SINGLE TIME, I have been out of town.  I feel like every time I try to see them I should just be playing Heroine Hero from South Park.  You never catch the pink dragon.

Now that I have gone off about this list, let me tell you what I'm excited about.  You have probably heard about the upcoming Shinedown Concert on July 28 with In This Moment and Adelitas Way.  The thing that I'm stoked about is not only is Shinedown on my list with a very high "must see" rating, but they are also one of my cursed bands.  I have two significant attempts and failures to see  these guys and now they are coming to my hometown. I refuse to fail this time, I will be on the floor going crazy especially if they play "Devour."  Now I'm just hoping I didn't massively jinx myself...

Shinedown, with special guests Adelitas Way and In This Moment: 7 p.m., Saturday, July 28 at The Adams Center, 32 Campus Drive, Missoula. Tickets $35-$40; by them online at, by calling (406) 243-0211 and at all local GrizTix outlets, including the information booth at the Southgate Mall.

Till then... this will help you get stoked!