Today, Free Beer and Hot Wings talked about the always unpredictable Gary Busey. Hot Wings brought up the fact that Busey likes to make up his own language. Seriously. For example, Busey might hear someone say the word ‘nuts’ and he would reply, “Nuts – Never Underestimate The Spirit.” Their conversation almost went Busey-esque, but it seemed like no one was paying attention to Free Beer and Hot Wings!

The guys started talking about how awkward Busey was at a red carpet event where Ryan Seacrest was interviewing Jennifer Garner. Producer Joe said, “Oh yeah, didn’t Gary Busey try to hug Jennifer Garner during that?” Hot Wings quickly responded, “Yeah, we just mentioned that. Where were you?” He got a bit upset that no one besides Free Beer was listening to the conversation. So he did what any sane radio host would do: he invented a new Buseyism. He exclaimed, “Pain – Producer almost interested never!”

Want to learn how to speak Busey? Here you go from the man himself!

And if that wasn’t enough Busey for you, The Free Beer and Hot Wings Morning Show brought up Busey’s awesome interview where he is the interviewee and the director. Enjoy.