Conventional wisdom tells us that women have a higher pain tolerance than men. We base that assumption on childbirth. It's understandable we think this way, given how men react to simulated labor pains.

It's a good thing the white dude isn't having an actual kid . . . he was so uncomfortable he appeared ready to either 1) stand up and poop the kid out, or 2) give birth on all fours. I'm no doctor, but I don't think that's how ya do it.

Recent research, summarized in this MSN Health article, points toward childbirth being the exception to female pain thresholds, not the rule. The article cites Jeffrey Mogil, a professor of pain studies in Canada, as saying that women differentiate between more levels of pain than men, are more prone to chronic pain, and overall are more sensitive to pain than their male counterparts.

What does this mean? Nothing. Does it change anything in how we relate to women? No. Guys, even if we ARE more tolerant of pain I'd advise against rubbing your lady's nose in it, especially if she's experiencing pain herself, because I don't care how well I tolerate pain . . . a kick in the nuts from an angry wife hurts. every. time.