"Is it better to wash them first?"

Over the weekend I googled "what time does McDonald's stop serving breakfast" and was somehow magically redirected to Yahoo! Answers and the question "can you get sick if you pick your nose and eat the boogers?"

The poster, Kelvin, goes on to ask "is it better to wash them first?" So there I was, simply wondering when I could get a damn cheeseburger and now I'm reading up on booger eating. In fact, now that I think about it, I'd likely be better off eating boogers than eating at McDonald's.

Naturally, the best part about this wonderful inquiry are the hilarious responses.


If you are doing this, its cause of your up-bringing. You probably saw your parents doing it.
This is so disgusting, so repulsive. I was getting ready to eat some breakfast until I read this.
No boogers are full of protein
Yes, mucous contains many chemicals of what you've eaten its similar to feces (poop) and eating boogers is babyish and disgusting. Don't do it you can get very sick.
And my favorite...
Washing them removes the taste. Try eating a booger from a homeless old man, they are aged and have just enough wine in them to make them a delicacy.
Now you know.
So I'm telling KC all about this awesomeness and he asks if I saw the "nose grease guy" on Tosh.0. Thrilled and curious I yell "no! no! you have to show me" and I did not regret watching. So freakin' GROSS dude!!