Share Your Shower Thoughts for A Chance To See Nick Offerman
We have all had them. Random thoughts that just POP into your head. Thoughts that make you think: "Am I some sort of genius or was I just dropped on my head as a child?" Nick Offerman calls them "SHOWER THOUGHTS," and they can be mind-blowing.
Hunter Gets Awkward Visit From Humming Bird
Time to take my "sharp stick and string" and attempt to bring down a mighty beast. Archery season is here, and I am ready to dress up like a bush and belly crawl through brush.
Hawk and Snake Cause 40 Acre Fire
It isn't uncommon for a squirrel or a bird to make a mistake and meet an electrifying end. But, to fall to the ground and ignite a 40 acre fire? That is one hell of a way to go out.

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