RAD DAD 2014 – And the Winner Is………..
The voting for the 2nd annual Rad DAd Father's Day photo contest has come to a close. And after tallying the votes, we have determined that the dad who has earned the title of the "coolest dad in western Montana."
Dad Beats His Kid Like a Drum [VIDEO]
With father's day coming soon, we are doing our part to recognize all the cool dad's in western Montana with our annual RAD DAD contest. It doesn't take mch to be a RAD DAD, you just need to be a dad and enjoy spending time with your kids. In today's featured video, we see a fath…
RAD DAD 2014 – Father’s Day Photo Contest [VOTING]
Father's Day is coming soon and that only means one thing. It is time for the 2nd annual RAD DAD photo contest. The voting has begun to find out who will be crowned the "coolest dad in western Montana." We have received an overwhelming amount of submissions this year, showing …
Dad’s Life – Gangsta Rap [VIDEO]
I was just having the conversation with JC about how far I have sunk into fatherhood, and how I dream up crazy ideas for metal songs while watching Disney movies. It is all part of being a dad, I guess. It is pretty damn easy for me to lower my maturity level on command...
RAD DAD – Father’s Day 2014 [CONTEST]
It is that time of year again. Time for the second annual RAD DAD photo contest. We recently thanked mom for giving us life, and crowned this year's hottest mom in western Montana. Now we turn to find who is the coolest dad in western Montana.
The Taco Throwdown Showdown
Four will enter ... one will leave. In honor of Cinco de mayo, we're getting DJs from three different stations to compete in a taco-eating contest for the ages--and we're throwing in a little something for you, too.
Bierstick – A New Way to Chug Beer [VIDEO]
The 14th Annual Blaze Easter Keg Hunt is underway and the promise of free beer for a year is hiding somewhere in Missoula county. Thanks to our friends at Draught Works for offering up the free beer this year. While you are out looking for the elusive prize, it is wise to consider how you are going …
Gear Up for the Easter Keg Hunt with a Tactical Beer Mug
It is that time yet again. Time to chase the elusive easter keg. Starting Monday (4/14) we will begin the clues on where to find the easter keg and somebody will score free beer for a year from Draught Works. Now is the time to get your gear ready for the hunt. For you high tech hunters, you have go…

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