Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Want to Party With You
If you have ever wanted to party with a celebrity, Matt Damon or Ben Affleck are probably NOT at the very top of your list. Together they seem like they are some pretty funny dudes. If you have a $10 charitable donation and a want to go to L.A, then check out the following video to find out how you …
2013 Concert Photo Contest Winner!
Congratulations Per Carlson!!!
Per is our winner of the 2013 Concert Photo Contest!
2nd place: Bobbi Brooks
3rd place: Trina Otterbeck
Horn Porn 2013 – Montana Hunting Photos [CONTEST]
We here in Montana know that hunting is not just a hobby, but a way of life. It is ingrained in our proud culture. Every Fall we take to the hills in search of the elusive beast. Some find what they are looking for and some don’t. That is why it is called “hunting” and not just &ld…
All That Remains? Do The Math [CONTEST]
The count down has begun until All That Remains takes the stage at the Wilma Theatre. Each day we will present to you a math problem. Your job, solve the problem. All correct answers will be entered into a daily drawing for tickets and a chance to meet the band. Get your pencils and calculators read…
Blaze Ghost Hunt – Grocery Getter
Only a few more days left to submit your spooky stories, for a chance to join us for our annual Blaze Ghost Hunt. We recently received a great story from Nadine, that tells us of a strange story about her and her children.
Blaze Ghost Hunt – South West Montana Orphanage
Less than two weeks before the annual Blaze Ghost Hunt. We are still getting a bunch of great stories from you blazers looking to join our paranormal investigation. We got a great one recently from Kasi, who shared with us a story about a childhood sleepover that got really creepy.

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