Share Your Shower Thoughts for A Chance To See Nick Offerman
We have all had them. Random thoughts that just POP into your head. Thoughts that make you think: "Am I some sort of genius or was I just dropped on my head as a child?" Nick Offerman calls them "SHOWER THOUGHTS," and they can be mind-blowing.
Win a $500 Tattoo Cover Up
Whether it's an ex's name or one of those terribly drawn portrait tats, we want to see the mistakes that haunt you every time you look at them.
2017 Rad Dad Winner
Thank you to all of our Rad Dads who entered this year's contest and Happy Father's Day to all of you who are raising the next generation of rockers.
Rad Dad 2017 – Vote Now
We asked you to nominate yourself or a dad in your life by sending in photos showing dad and his kiddos doing rad stuff together, and now it’s time to vote.

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