The Chelsea Lately show is over as Chelsea is moving on to other projects. I don't know what those projects are, as her comedy typically leaves me rolling my eyes. However, I have watched her show when Dave Grohl was the fill in host, and quickly became a fan of her sidekick Chuy.

When Chelsea told the E! network that she would be leaving, they did the only thing they could do and cancelled the show, because you can't do a show called Chelsea Lately without Chelsea.

She has made some great friends over the years though, which is very clear judging by this epic celebrity packed send off. Is that a drunk Miley Cyrus forgetting the words in the middle of the group?

The Dave Grohl, Johnny Knoxville snuggling gave me the sillies in my pants, and it just got worse when Dave sang that Chuy is actually his son. Like Chelsea or not, this is a pretty damn great send off.